An overview of why MultiSafe exists.

In Ethereum, crypto companies, DAOs have billions of treasury assets that need to be protected and diversified to maintain perpetuity. Everything is automated and so are crypto treasuries.

For an Individual, crypto company, or DAO there are so many things that need to be maintained like cash flows, running payroll, and checking transaction activities. Community members, Investors, accountants usually dig Etherscan to check the financial health of a company.

MultiSafe is simplifying crypto treasury management. Running on Ethereum which is built on top of Gnosis safe protocol. It is possible to run all the operations you used to run on gnosis safe along with the great UI and MultiSafe features.

Having the leverage of managing funds your way. Banks take both time and data while we make sure that our users have control over it.

A look at how MultiSafe can be your smart option.

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