Add People

Detailed guide on how users can add people members on MultiSafe.

Users can add people in different ways on MultiSafe. Such that -

  1. Add one - You can one by one add your team members.

  2. Import Multiple - Drag and drop your CSV file having all your employees (Name, Address, token, amount)

Case A - If you click on 'Add One', a screen will popup where the owner can add all the details of the required person.

Case B - If you click on 'Import Multiple', a screen will open where users can import the CSV file and all the people will be uploaded automatically.

Few point to keep in mind while uploading -

  1. The file should be in .csv

  2. All the details should be there like First Name, Wallet Address, Team name, and currency.

  3. Currency should be the same for all the team members.

Note - Owner will add people and people can have any ethereum account.

Edit and Delete people -

Click on the person's tab and the drawer will open, at the bottom users will find 'Edit' and 'Delete'. They can choose them as per requirement.

  • Edit - This button will edit the name, address team, currency, and amount.

  • Delete - The delete button will delete the person's details.

Pay a single person directly is applicable for both Teams and People. Click here to read in detail about it.

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