Quick Transfer

Transfer within seconds on MultiSafe

The Quick transfer allows users to pay someone without adding all the details. Let's deep dive into it -

Click on 'Quick Transfer'.

A screen will pop up. Users need to fill mandatory fields like -

  1. Paying to - Address where funds will be transferred.

  2. Paying from - which asset will be used for the payment.

  3. Description - Description can help you keep account of all your transactions in long run and this is optional.

  4. Add more - To help users adding more than one address.

Click on 'Send' and after signing, the transaction will be initiated.

Users can edit the Address, Paying Amount, and Paying From before executing the final transaction.

Add funds on MultiSafe -

Owners can easily add funds by clicking on it. They can add funds by using

  • QR Scanner

  • Safe address

Assets supported by MultiSafe -

  1. DAI

  2. ETH

  3. USDC

  4. USDT

  5. ERC-20 Token

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