Colloborative Multisig Transactions

Transactions that MultiSafe supports.

Collaborate with the team members in decision-making and commenting.

MultiSafe enables transactions in different ways. For example -

  • 1-of-n: Any one of n different people can approve transactions.

  • 2-of-2: Each of 2 different people should approve the transaction. If any one of them rejects the transaction then it will not be completed.

  • 2-of-3: Any 2 of 3 people can approve the transaction.

Note - Add owner while Creating an account.

Users will get to know how many signatures are required to authorize the transaction.

When the transaction is initiated. Then, transactions status shows in the pending state as the signature is pending from the second owner. The transaction will be completed from the pending state once the second owner signs the request.

The description and disbursement details will help owners know about the purpose of the transaction along with the sender's address and amount.

Moreover, Any owner can execute the transaction

While doing any multisig transaction, the signers need to approve/reject the transaction to reach the threshold. After reaching the threshold, any of the signers can now execute the transaction on the blockchain and pay the gas fees.

Note - All the required owners need to sign the transaction. Then only the transaction will reach the destination address.

And if the signers reach the threshold then any other signer can execute the transaction and pay the fees.

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