Adding teams

Detailed guide on how users can add team members on MultiSafe.

As discussed, create teams on MultiSafe within seconds.

Click on 'Add Team'

Team Name - Add team name as required. Users can add people once the team is added.

Currency used - All the team members will be paid in the selected currency.

Edit and Delete Team -

Click on three vertical dots and in the dropdown menu, users will get 'Edit' and 'Delete'. They can choose them as per requirement.

  • Edit - This button will edit the Team name.

  • Delete - The delete button will delete the team name and if people are added, it will also be deleted.

Pay a single person directly -

If users have added their teams and want to pay a single person within a team. Click on that person and in the ‘Person Details’ there will be an option of ‘Pay Now’ that will allow users to easily pay the particular person within the team.

  1. Click on the name of the person and the sidebar will open.

  2. Users can cross-check the person's details and pay the Individual.

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