List of all the members of Safe and number of people need to confirm the transaction.

Adding other owners

Step1 - Click on 'Add Owner' on the top right corner under Owner. Here you can add the Owner's name and Address and even select the threshold for confirmation of the transaction.

Step 2 - Users can review the owner details and confirm them. Confirmation will lead to on-chain transactions.

Once you signed the transaction the Owner will be added.

Step 3 - Users can track the status such as the initiator and the approvals that are still pending to add the owners.

Edit owner name

Users can immediately change the owner name by clicking on the edit icon

Once clicked, a screen will pop up which will allow users to edit the name of the owner. After clicking on Save the name will be changed.

Change Threshold

Change threshold is by clicking on the Threshold button. It will redirect to the page where users can choose the number of people required to approve or decline any update on the Account.

Here you can change the threshold number. For different cases -

  1. If the threshold is 1 out of 4 owners then the one initiating the change is required to sign the transaction.

  2. If the threshold is 2 (or more) out of 4 owners then the sign of 2 (or more) owners is required to execute the transaction.

Swap Owner

Changing the previous owner to the current one can easily be done by clicking on replace icon which will redirect you to the Replace Owner page. Users can add New Owner Name and Address.

Once the details have been added, users can check the existing details of both the removing Owner and the New Owner. After clicking on Confirm button the initiator needs to sign the transaction for executing it. And once it reaches the threshold the Owner will be replaced with the new one.

Remove owners

Once added, users can remove another owner by clicking on the delete icon. The owner will be removed once it reaches a threshold.

Users can even track the status of the pending approvals.

Inviting other team members

Users can also invite other team members. They need to follow steps that are given in the attached image below -

How MultiSafe Invite works -

Step 1 - Click on 'Invite'. The request will be sent to the other members.

In this, the owner will be sending the request to another user in order to collect the public key so that owner can encrypt the keys. With this, all the owners can access the transaction data.

It will show 'Awaiting Confirmation' till the time the other user accepts the invite.

Step 2 - The owner can copy the address and send it to the invited user.

Screenshot for the invitation acceptance to another user.

Note - You will get this text for the confirmation on Acceptance of the invitation

Step 3 - As soon as the other user accepts the invite, final approval is given by the owner to the other user.

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