Mass Payouts

Easy payments to team members, community members and others.

MultiSafe users can easily run payroll and pay to groups with one click.

Step 1 - Click on 'Mass Payouts'.

A screen will open up to fill in the details.

Step 2 - After the user has filled all the fields. Users can cross-check and change the payment amount. Finally, click on 'Create Transaction'.

Note - Add team and people before performing mass payouts.

  • Paid to - Team selected for the payout.

  • Paid from - Currency in which the team and people will be paid.

  • Description (If added) - The purpose of the transaction.

  • Team Details - Team details where you can select and deselect the people for transactions.

The Balance details, no. of people, and the amount will be automatically calculated as per the owner's inputs.

Step 3 - Users will be redirected to the transaction status page where owner/ owners need to approve so that the transaction is completed else it will remain in the pending state.

Changing the value while doing Mass Payouts

If users have initially added the team members and even the payment amount. There are times when there can be a change in the payment amount, so once users initiate the transaction there will be an option where users can cross-check the amount and can even edit the paying amount.

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