Notifications on MultiSafe

When will encounter notification pop-up on MultiSafe.

All of us want to be updated. And with the transactions... it's a YES.

It is the bell icon on the top right corner on MultiSafe dashboard. Once you click on the bell icon it will open as shown in the image below with the name 'Recent Activity'.

When will you get notification for -

  • Initiated transactions

  • Completed transactions

  • Amount of the completed transaction

  • If there are 2-of-2, and one has signed and initiated the transaction. The second owner gets notified of it.

Further, if click on the View button. Then you get to know all the details about the transaction. So whenever transactions are made or initiated, the owners get notified of it.

Note - If user receives the transaction, the View button will redirect to Etherscan.

If user sends the transaction, the View button will redirect to transaction status.

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