Create New Account

This document is specifically for creating a new account on MultiSafe

Here's the guide with a visual walkthrough that will help users to create an account on MultiSafe in few clicks.

Hat Tip - The steps can be used for Individuals, Companies, and DAOs.

Step 1 - Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button. The address of the MultiSafe wallet will be different from your signer wallet.

Step 2 - Select a wallet to connect with MultiSafe. This is important as MultiSafe does not hold any private key and that makes it difficult to sign and execute transactions.

Note - Users need to connect signer wallet in order to -

  1. Create MultiSafe wallet.

  2. Sign transactions (on-chain & off-chain)

  3. Execute transactions.

Step 3 - Out of 3 options select any one (Individuals, Company or DAO) as required.

Note - Individual and crypto companies will have data encrypted by default through encryption keys created via private keys.

DAO will choose under their settings to enable/disable data sharing outside MultiSafe.

Step 4 - Add the ‘Organization name’ followed by ‘Owner Name’ and ‘Address’.

A safe address for the user signing up will be generated automatically.

In order to add members, click on 'Add More' and update the 'Name' and 'Address' manually.

Note - Make sure that users add owners while creating an account. Click here to know more about it.

Other than that the only way would be adding other users to Gnosis safe account.

Step 5 - Users can review the inputs like how many people can authorize transactions.

Step 6 - After users approve the 'Signature Request'. Click on 'Create Account'.

This will help in signing up as a new user.

Important - If you have signed up as a company or Individual, you need to invite other owners in the organization to share the encryption key securely. Please follow How Invitation works under the settings section.

Tip - For DAOs, there is no need for other owners to set up the account as the data will be public and they can easily login into the account directly.

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