Transaction History

Details of all transactions performed on MultiSafe.

It is well known how important accounting is for businesses. Accounting and auditing need financial statements and verification of financial statements. Like smart contracts, treasuries also need auditing.

And with the growth of crypto companies, it is really hard to track treasuries, income, expenses on Etherscan. Everyday proposals and tracking can consume a lot of time as we need to have a human-readable format.

MultiSafe helps in -

  1. You can have a summary of your transactions - On the MultiSafe dashboard or export the CSV file even helpful for auditing.

  2. Filter the details according to Date & time. If a community member wants to check the activities done 6 months back.

  3. Statements like cash flows, bounties, and balance sheets. All these can be accessed by investors, community members, and contributors.

  4. Help maintain the financial health of treasuries. The amount and the currency can be filtered and checked.

  5. Keeping everyone well-informed about the status of the transaction.

How the transaction works -

Click on the transactions button on the MultiSafe dashboard

Track transaction status with the amount and Time stamp. View button will redirect users to the further details of the transaction.

Note - On the top right corner, you can get an option to export the CSV file.

Case A - If user receives the transaction, the View button will redirect to Etherscan.

Case B - If user sends the transaction, the View button will redirect to transaction status as explained below.

  • Transaction Hash - Hash of the transaction which you can use to cross-check on Etherscan.

  • Total Amount - Amount of transaction in USD followed by the cryptocurrency used.

  • Date & time - Date and time of transaction.

  • Status - The status of the transaction in order to assure that it has been completed or still pending.

  • Description - Will help you in accounting all your transactions.

Hat Tip -

For DAOs, it is a secure way of keeping transparency among the community or outsiders of all the transactions.

Individuals and crypto companies have an option to keep their data private with end-to-end encryption.

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