Spending limit

How to's on Spending limit section under Settings.

Spending limit - Spending limit can also be called the purchase limit that an owner of the safe can assign to a specific assignee such that

  1. The assignee need not be the owner of the Safe.

  2. The signature of all the owners is not required if the spending limit is once assigned.

  3. Notification of the transaction will be sent to all the owners and assignees of the spending limit.

  4. The assignee can have any Ethereum account.

There are few fields that need to be filled in order to set the limit.

  1. Beneficiary - Add the beneficiary address.

  2. Asset - which asset will be used for transactions.

  3. Reset Time - Time duration after which the spending limit will reset. It can be

    • One-time

    • One Day

    • 1 week

    • 1 month

After signing the key, the transaction will be initiated. All the owners will also get the notification about the transaction -

Note - Currently, MultiSafe UI does not support the revoking of the spending limit. But users are able to do it on the shared link - https://gnosis-safe.io/app/#/safes/{safeaddress}/settings

{safe address} - Users wallet address.

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