Get to know more MultiSafe dashboard

Once users register or import existing safe on our dapp, transactions are seamless and can be done in few clicks. This visual walkthrough will guide users -

  • Dashboard includes

    • Name

    • Total balance

    • Total amount of money (in & out) monthly

    • Recent transactions - View all will redirect to transaction page

    • Bell icon represents recent activity

Click here to check the detailed guide on New Transfer.

  • Assets - Detailed overview of assets are given on dashboard. View all will redirect users to further details shown below -

  • Home - Redirects users to the Homepage.

  • Payments - Make payments to people and team with one click.

  • People - Hassle free management of team and people.

  • Transactions - Details of all the transactions. On top of that, leverage to export the transaction data.

  • Support - This will redirect users to our discord channel. Our team members are always available on discord.

  • Safe Address - Safe address of the organisation.

  • Logout - To go back to the MultiSafe Sign Up page.

  • Settings - This will redirect users to settings page that includes two main functionalities -

  1. Invite Users.

  2. Spending limits.

Click here to check the detailed guide on Settings.

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